Registering with Ray Knight Casting

Please ensure you have all the necessary information and photographs to hand before you start. You must provide accurate measurements (please see the video tutorials if you need guidance on how to take measurements). You will also need to upload at least 2 clear recent photographs of yourself (including both a headshot and a full length). It is important that we can see your current appearance, exactly as you are now.

Please note, these photographs will be for our initial interest only. We will take our own photographs of you if we take you on. We ask that you do not send any images with salacious or inappropriate content. In the notes box, please provide details of any performing / media training and experience, a clear explanation of your availability to work on a day to day basis, your transport arrangements, any costumes or uniforms you own and any other special skills (sport, music etc.). We will reject any applications without photographs or sufficient information in the notes section.

Privacy and GDPR

At Ray Knight Casting, we take your privacy seriously. You can read our GDPR privacy notice in our terms and conditions. Please be assured that if we do not accept you onto the Agency’s books, all the data and images you provided in your application will be permanently deleted.

Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions above as you will be asked to accept them as part of the application process.